University Education in Lodz

If you are looking for somewhere off the beaten track, then Lodz has it. It is the second largest Polish city, and has its own unique atmosphere. It is also sometimes known as the Polish Manchester due to its size and the fame of the textile industry that developed there in the 19th century. Unreasonably overlooked, Lodz is worth a visit and definitely deserves promotion. It features fine Art Nouveau architecture, a rowdy nightlife and the most famous Polish film school. A visit to Lodz will undoubtedly leave you with memorable impressions and a better understanding of Poland.

Lodz is the third largest urban centre in Poland with a population of about 742,000. Although the history of Lodz goes back a long way (it obtained city rights in the 15th century), its greatest development and later boom happened in the 19th century, when Lodz became a centre of the cloth industry. Since then, the town has struggled with many difficulties, contradictions and differences, which were vividly documented in the novel The Promised Land written by Polish Nobel Prize-winning author Wladyslaw Reymont. He portrayed the multinational society of Lodz, where Poles, Jews and Germans lived together, with the inhuman face of early Polish capitalism where the rich exploited the poor. The contrasts can still be seen in the architecture of the city, where luxurious mansions coexist with redbrick factories and old tenement houses.


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