University Education in Stip

Stip is a city in the eastern part of the Republic of Macedonia, spread along the valley of the river Bregalnica. The city is the largest city in Eastern Macedonia and the 7th largest city in Macedonia. Stip is the seat of the same-named municipality and centre of the East Planning Region. Stip is one of the oldest cities in Macedonia. In 2008, St. Nikola was proclaimed protector of the city. Stip is the centre of the textile industry in Macedonia.

Where is Stip located?

Stip is located on the banks of the rivers Bregalnica and Otinja, on the hilly terrain on the slope between Ovche Pole, Kocani Lakavica Valley. The geographical position allows it to have a significant traffic function and beneficial communication with the surrounding neighborhoods. From Stip there are several traffic routes, such as the road routes to Veles, Sveti Nikole and Kumanovo, the road to Kocani, Delcevo and Bulgaria with a branch towards Probistip and Kratovo, the road to Radovis and Strumica with a branch to Negotino in Tikvesh. A railway line passes through the city through which it connects with Veles and Kocani. Due to the favourable traffic situation, road safety, developed crafts and agriculture, Stip is experiencing intensive urban and commercial development. With the construction of the Vardar Railway, the economic development of the city is intensifying.


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