University Education in Bulgaria

Why you should study in Bulgaria?

Studying abroad in Europe is worth it. Studying in Bulgaria is a must. If you are still wondering whether to apply at a Bulgarian university and become a student at one of the best universities in Europe, let us tell you why more than 1000 students every year decide to move to Bulgaria.

1. Great higher education in Bulgaria

Did you know that Sofia Medical University and Plovdiv Medical University are always ranked among the top medical universities in Europe? The Bulgarian universities are constantly doing their best to attract students from all over the world and improve their services. For instance, Plovdiv Medical University will soon have a new building in their campus where even more students will have the chance to gain practical knowledge.

2. Small country, big opportunities

Bulgaria is considered as the start-up champion of Europe so many young people find a cool job throughout their studies in Bulgaria and even settle down here after they graduate. You didn't see this coming, right? Despite its size, Bulgaria has many young people who are innovative, creative and are looking forward to making the country even more attractive for people who wish to invest in a business. 

3. Low expenses in Bulgaria

Living in Bulgaria is a lot cheaper in comparison to living in other European cities. In the capital Sofia, you can enjoy lovely dinner and a drink at a restaurant for the mere 5 EUR. Even 20-min ride with a taxi costs around 6 EUR. In smaller cities, it is even cheaper. And as we all know, this aspect is quite important when you are simply a student and you don't have much budget. 

4. Low tuition fees in Bulgaria

If the tuition fees in the United Kingdom scare you, you will most certainly love the prices in Bulgaria (especially when it comes to studying at the best universities). If you study at Plovdiv Medical University or Sofia Medical University, the tuition fee for the whole academic year is 8000 EUR. In exchange, you have the chance to get an internationally recognized diploma and make friends with people from all over the world.

5. Lower entry requirements at Bulgarian universities

Some of the best universities in the United Kingdom or in any big European country do not offer a decent amount of places for future applicants so the competition is quite fierce and everyone must be a straight A student. This way, even if you have A- or B could mean that the universities in Europe have closed their doors for you. However, in Bulgaria it is much different. Every year, Sofia Medical University accepts over 700 international applicants with different grades who have a fresh start and prove they are great students.

6. Local and international

On the one side, Bulgaria has only recently started to become a famous destination for people who wish to live or study abroad. Hence, you will have more chance to meet locals and explore a different culture during your studies. On the other side, each city is getting more and more international so you can meet people from everywhere and enjoy international events that will allow you to enjoy your study life in Bulgaria to the fullest.


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