University Education in Macedonia

University Education in Macedonia


Macedonia is one of the countries which is located in the Balkans and with a population of 2,074 million and a surface area of 25,713 square kilometers, between Kosovo, Albania and Bulgaria. The number of people going to Macedonia for education from our country in recent years is increasing day by day due to both the without examination and quality education.

Macedonia’s educational system is in conformity with the European education system because it is shaped within the framework of the Bologna Agreement, thus all of the state universities in Macedonia and some of the private universities are recognized by YÖK (Council of Higher Education) and equivalence is provided.  The language of instruction at all universities is Macedonian and the students, who are going to go for the first time, start their associate degree or undergraduate education after completing the 1 year preparatory education successfully.

The University of Macedonia has all departments which are located in universities of Turkey, moreover it has some departments that are not even in our country. Thanks to the educational opportunities at the university, it has adopted the quality education and because there is no examination requirement, the number of preferability of university increases day by day. You don't need to take any exams for enrollment, just because you have a high school diploma is enough for you to study at this university and benefit from quality education.

What are the prices of education in Macedonia for those who want to study at the University of Macedonia?

For those who are wondering the answer to questions such as “Is life expensive in Macedonia?”, information about education prices and living conditions in Macedonia are as follows:


Educational prices change according to the universities and departments you will study in Macedonia. For instance, the fees of Medicine and Dentistry are approximately €1,500 and the fees of Faculty of Law are small as approximately €2,000 at the European University of Macedonia. You can found more detailed pricing and information on our website. To give general information about living conditions and economic lives; living conditions are not very expensive and we can say that even students with low income in our country can make a living. There are private dormitories as well as state-run dormitories for students who want to complete their education in Macedonia. State-run dormitories are generally inadequate and the price of private dormitories can change between €100-150. There are furnished houses for students who do not want to stay in dormitory and their pricing changes between €150-250 depending on the width of the house. In terms of transport facilities, because the country's surface area is small many universities are close to the city center and within walking distance, thus you can easily go to universities without paying any transportation costs.

Some Universities in Macedonia

European University of Macedonia

Founded in 2001, the European University was accredited in 2005. The university, which has been continuing its educational life since 2001, has gained trust and prestige by developing rapidly in terms of education in a short time. Thanks to state of the art technology educational tools and equipments that provide by within the departments, it has increased the quality of education and it appeals to a large student population. The diplomas of the students who graduated from this university are recognized even in the USA (United States of America) of country of possibilities.

The Ss. Cyril and Methodius University of Skopje

It is the most reputable and largest university in the country. The university is named after Cyril and Methodius, which created the Cyrillic alphabet. More than 50,000 students are within the scope of the university every year and approximately 700 of these students are foreign students. The Ss. Cyril and Methodius University is supported by over 300 institutions and it has the research staff number 2,390 people. The language of instruction is generally Macedonian, besides some courses are carried out in different languages such as English, French and German. The university aims to meet all the educational needs of our age and is progressing successfully in this way.

Goce Delchev University of Shtip

It is the 4th state university in Macedonia founded in 2007. It offers education to 5,000 students every year and has 13 facultie


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