University Education in Serbia

Serbia will soon enter the European Union. It is one of the Balkan countries where life is of high quality and cultured. There are many historical buildings and art centers in the country as it is the capital of the former Yugoslavia.

Serbia is located at the intersection of Central and Southeast Europe. It covers the central Balkans and southern region of the Pannonian Plain. The Republic of Serbia is landlocked country, as it shares the borders with Bosnia, Montenegro and Croatia to the west, Hungary to the north; Macedonia to the south, and Bulgaria and Romania to the east. 

Serbia is known for high-quality education and great learning environment, thus attracting students from all over the world. Serbia has many agreements with other countries in the field of higher education.

Serbia in Brief 

Official name: The Republic of Serbia

Capital: Belgrade

CURRENCY: Serbian dinar (RSD)

Official language: Serbian

Government: Parliamentary republic

Internet domain: .rs

Reasons to Study Abroad in Serbia

Following are the reasons to study abroad in the Republic of Serbia:

Top Quality Education

Serbian educational institutions provide top quality education. The higher education institutions in Serbia provide a wide range of courses at all degree levels-bachelor, master and doctoral. Also, theoretical knowledge as well as practical training is given in many fields. There is plethora of opportunities for students to achieve their ambition.

Unique Student Experience

The higher education institutions in Serbia welcome students from all over the world, thus providing unique experience to all. In Serbian education, the focus is on internationalization in all sectors. International students can enroll in undergraduate and graduate courses of study. Also, students can be a part of the Serbian higher education institutions through institutional agreements and programmes and exchange programmes.

Cultural Diversity

The Republic of Serbia has an international culture that is a blend of west and east cultures. Serbia has modern, multicultural environment. Most part of the Serbian language is taken from the Turkish language.

Affordable Studying and Living

In Serbia, the costs of living and study is low. Also, pupils are permitted to work part-time in Serbia. 

Many Scholarship Programmes

The Government of Serbia provides many scholarships for international pupils. Scholarships for undergraduate, master and doctoral studies are offered. Also, there are many exchange programmes organised at the higher education institutions in Serbia.

January 18, 2019 17:50

As of 2019, Study in Serbia portal has become a part of Study in Europe project.

In this way, Serbia joined 33 European countries that, through this initiative, offer quality information on available opportunities for international students.

Serbia is 34th European country included in the Study in Europe project, which aims to show students worldwide what studying in Europe offers, help them find out about higher education study, research and scholarship opportunities in Europe and connect European higher education organisations with international students and partners. The countries involved in the project are part of the European Union’s Erasmus+ programme, which provides study-abroad opportunities for students from Europe and from partner countries in other parts of the world.

Study in Serbia is a portal with the database of all accredited higher education programmes and institutions in Serbia. It provides foreign students interested in studying in Serbia with useful information on higher education system, study programmes accredited in English and other foreign languages and steps needed in order to study in Serbia, whether on a full-cycle programme or as an exchange student. The portal also offers information on available scholarship schemes and opportunities for foreign students as well as on other important aspects of living in Serbia.


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  • 7.022.165


  • Serbian

  • CITY

  • Belgrade


  • 1.374.244

  • CITY

  • Novi Sad


  • 300.000

  • CITY

  • Niš


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