Aviation and Aircraft Training

Aviation and Aircraft Training

In recent years, aircraft engineering is one of the most open professional groups by many experts and it is said to be respected in the business world. At the end of the university education, you have the opportunity to work with many private companies and government agencies with high salaries.


Aircraft engineering, air moving, aircraft, helicopter, rocket vehicles such as; design and development of structures such as bullets of weapon systems; design and maintenance of military and civilian aircraft is a branch of engineering with a wide coverage including unmanned aerial vehicles.

advantages of aviation and aircraft engineering training

The training given in this section is basically a mechanical engineering education. In other words, our graduates can work in almost all areas where mechanical engineers work. But they have an advantage over mechanical engineers. It is also to recognize aircraft and similar aircraft. 25 - 30 percent of the courses given during the training is directed towards the aircraft and the privilege of these courses are provided. Considering this difference, the biggest advantage of this section is to enter the aviation industry more easily.

Necessary Documents For Registration Of aircraft engineering Education Abroad

For Aviation and Aircraft Training, you can register to universities abroad only with your high school diploma and transcript without any requirement. Students who want to study in the 1st grade can start their undergraduate education without getting preparatory education if they are successful in the language of instruction of the university.