Software - Computer Engineering

Software - Computer Engineering

Nowadays, one of the most popular professions is software and computer engineering. Nowadays, Software and Computer Engineering is one of the most professional and profitable jobs. With the rapid development of technology and the most needy branches in the developing world, these departments can provide you a good career and life. All universities we work with are state universities and are within the scope of their recognition and recognition.
The annual costs between $ 1,400 - $ 3,000 can easily get university education ...

Which Countries Have Education?

In the software and computer engineering as Oan Academy
World's largest among universities in the world
We work with universities in Ukraine, Poland, Bulgaria, Serbia, Croatia, Germany, Belgium, Macedonia

Documents required for registration

For Software - Computer Engineering Education, you can register to universities abroad only with your high school diploma and transcript without any requirement. Students who want to study in the 1st grade can start their undergraduate education without getting preparatory education if they are successful in the language of instruction of the university.