Undergraduate Completion

Undergraduate Completion

Overseas Undergraduate Completion

The aim of most of the students who are going to 2 year associate degree universities is to graduate to 4 year universities by completing the undergraduate degree. Many students do not realize this dream because of the education system and quota.

The possibilities for completing a degree abroad abroad both open a new language and a new culture. With the completion of the undergraduate degree at the foreign universities, you can also have the opportunity to have the European Union Diploma.

What are the Terms for Completing the License Abroad.?

First, you must graduate from a 2-year university in your country.
Secondly, the lessons you see in your country are important.
Your foreign language level.

Countries where you can complete a Bachelor's Degree Abroad

Multiple countries and alternatives are available. Recently, especially in Ukraine, Poland, Serbia, Croatia, Macedonia, the license is popular and has the ease of transition.

In Poland, the degree of completion of the bachelor's degree is also one of the countries that the students evaluate and at the same time they have the chance to live in a European Union member country and get a diploma.

Yurtdışı Lisans Tamamlama Ücretleri

Overseas Undergraduate Completion Fees

Tuition fees at overseas universities vary by country. Starting at $ 1200 - $ 3500 per year in the price range.
You can reach the list of countries where you can complete the Bachelor Degree Abroad.
they  http://en.oanakademi.com/universit


Overseas Undergraduate Completion Prices

1000 € -4000 € Starting Prices

Documents Required for Undergraduate Completion

The University certificate you have completed.
English Transcript of the Courses We See
If you have a language proficiency certificate or a Toefl İelts Score